A Sydney City Escort – I like it there

A Sydney City Escort – I like it there

A while ago, over coffee, my friends were a mixture of curious and frightened, when I confessed my love of anal to them. After a giving them a lengthy explanation on how to go about it for the ultimate back door experience, I’ve since converted 2 of my closest girlfriends into back door babes.

I’ve turned into an Anal Guru, advising my friends (and even family), near and far, how to go about their business in the behind.

I’m astounded by the large amount of men and women that don’t know how to do it right; who wonder why it doesn’t feel good, when they haven’t bothered with a wet warm up or a frisky fondle during the act.



My phone buzzes in my bag; it’s a text from the agency. I’ve been booked for 4 hours on Thursday night; for dinner and more specifically……….anal sex, one of my specialties.

I’m scheduled to meet *John at Good Hope Bar, in Manly at 6pm. I’ve been there once, only recently and it was fantastic. It’s stylish, private and the perfect place for a few drinks.

Come A-day, I am wearing my favourite outfit on for the occasion: a blood red strapless dress, to match my underwear; a pair of simple red panties with a large hole in the back.

I like to give my clients a cheeky show in them; I let my black hair fall to the ground, bending over in front of them, to give them a good view of both of my holes.

I have a regular client who loves playing with my anal beads, putting them inside of me when I am bent over like this…….. and it’s no secret that I love it just as much as he does!

Tonight I have my hair assembled into a loose bun which I can easily pull out. I spritz myself with perfume before I’m finally ready to leave.

I’ve mastered my sixth sense at identifying my clients in public places and I locate John* standing by the entrance of Good Hope Bar. He is facing away from me as I make my way towards him. He is wearing a pale grey, business shirt and tailored black pants which accentuates his undeniably sexy ass.

I casually walk up to him and put my arm around him, kissing him lightly on his neck. He turns to me with a sexy smile and I’m immediately taken aback by his striking blue eyes. They are a bright crystal blue.

He is extremely handsome and fit for a man in his late 50’s; age has been more than kind to him. He is freshly shaven and his cologne is the ‘rip my clothes of and fuck me’ kind.



We connect immediately, without a shred of awkwardness.

In his husky voice, he asks me if I’m hungry.

“I’m ravenous”, I say.

“Good, because you will need your energy”, he replies, winking at me.

We walk inside and seat ourselves on wooden stools by the bar. It is busy but not overly crowded; we easily maintain a sense of intimacy between us.

We order wine and deliberate over the mouth-watering menu, until finally settling on a share plate.

John is a charismatic character and very easy to talk to. He tells me about his accounting firm in Perth where he lives. He is in Manly for the week, helping a client and friend of his, who has found himself in a sticky financial situation.

Two more wines later, the conversation has turned into flirty questioning; he is incredibly cheeky and I am growing increasingly attracted to his personality.

We finish the last of our wines off and we stroll back to his hotel, holding hands.

Up in his hotel suite, he pours us Moet and he asks me if I would like to have a spa bath.

“I would love too!”

John disappears into the bathroom and I hear the sound of running water and a loud click of a lid; I imagine he has just squeezed something divine into the bath.

I take my dress off but stay in my revealing red panties and high heels. I lay on the bed with my elbows propping me up, sipping on the bubbly; my cheeky bum facing the direction he will be coming back in.

My belly flip-flops as I suddenly feel a hand run up my thighs and lightly over my ass. I didn’t even hear him come up behind me.

“This is nice”, he says, admiring me.

“I had an inkling you might like it”, I reply.

He carefully parts my bum cheeks and does a small spit into the top of my ass. I feel it dribble down over my hole. He rubs my asshole softly with his thumb and tactfully reaches his other hand beneath me and begins rubbing my clit.

I moan quietly, enjoying the sensation of his fingers, pleasuring me in both areas.

His finger sneakily slides into my ass and back out again, a warm glow of pleasure growing deep in my belly.

Just as quickly as he snuck over to me, he disappears again and I turn around, to see him walking back to the bathroom.

Ooh he is sneaky!

I make my way into the bathroom, taking both glasses of champagne with me.

We relax in the bubbly vanilla scented water; sipping on the Moet, flirting and fondling with each other.

His hand moves over my thigh and down between my legs.

His finger finding its way inside of me begins rubbing expertly over my g spot. We are making some serious fuck-me eye contact while he rubs me; over and over, faster and faster.

I hold on tight to the side of the bath.

He slows down suddenly, to a teasingly slow pace then pulls his hand away, bursting my bubble of bliss in an instant.

He takes my hand, pulling me up so that I’m standing in the centre of the spa; and turns me around, pushing my back down so that I lean out, over the edge. Doggy style.

He wedges his hard cock between my butt cheeks and begins moving his hands over my ass and takes a firm hold of my love handles; enjoying every inch of me.

His hands continue on, travelling towards my navel as he reaches his hand deep down, to shake his finger over my clit. I’m dripping by the time his hands have well and truly explored the lower half of my body.

With his left hand at the base of his cock, he pushes the tip of himself into my tight ass.

I gasp.

  1. LOVE. IT

Resting in the entrance of my ass, he leans his chest into my body and strokes my breasts, moving his finger around my nipples, causing them to go stiff from his touch. I loosen up for him and he begins inching himself inside of me.

Carefully and slowly, he starts moving in and out, still playing with my breasts.

He stands up straight and takes hold of my love handles, pulling me backwards with gentle force, over and over.

Water splashes around us as our wet bodies slap into each other. Slippery, messy, fun.

Putting one of his legs up onto the spa seat, he angles himself deeper into me and begins slamming himself hard into my ass.

With one hand, I hold myself up on the side of the spa and use the other to rub my clit, hard and fast; concentrating into the pleasure building inside of me.



Until……. abruptly, he pulls himself out of me, quickly rips his condom off and blows onto my back, groaning loudly.

My budding orgasm falling away….

He continues groaning aloud, as he wanks the last of his juice over me and then splashes water over my back, washing it clean again.

“Shit, I had control of it and then I just lost it”, he says, slumping back into the bath. “It felt unbelievable, you looked so sexy and I couldn’t contain it.”

I turn around and sit down in the water next to him. “It’s only round one gorgeous and your right, that was insanely good!” I say.

Looking at me with his intense blue eyes, I hold his gaze,” You are breath taking”, he says. ”That’s what sent me over the edge”.

I think I actually feel myself blushing.

“You know, we haven’t even kissed yet?!” he says.

I laugh out loud “I didn’t even realise! That is hilarious!”

He leans into me, brushing a strand of hair away from my face and kisses me, long and sensual; this time, taking my breath away.


Twenty minutes later, John is hard again, ready for another round and it’s safe to say he fucked me to the stars and beyond.

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